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With a lot of help from God and my good blogging buddy Rebecca, this non-technical blogger has managed to move from blogger to my own domain.  Hurrah! I hope you’ll take a a look around and check out my new digs. :)   And have patience.  I’m still tinkering.

Please update your links to my new url:  yeah, right … If you’re a subscriber, or would like to become one, you can just use the handy “subscribe” button to the right, or change the feed to:

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6 Responses
  1. Jim Wetzel says:

    Link updated!

    Good-lookin’ place ya got here.

  2. threecollie says:

    Looks terrific! Great job. Will get busy on the linky.

  3. akaGaGa says:

    Thanks, 3C. It’s still a work in process, but I fell in love with this theme.

  4. Jay says:

    It is awesome! Love the new look!