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Let’s pretend you run a business.  Let’s pretend it’s located in New York State, and you already pay crippling state and federal taxes that make it hard to compete.   You have 10 employees, 7 with families and 3 who are single, with an annual payroll of $509,000.  Pelosi’s health care system gives you a choice:

  1. You can pay Pelosi’s 2% tax, which totals $10,180 for the year, and dump all your workers into the government health care system, or
  2. you can pay $63,100 and continue to provide private insurance for your employees

Which option would you choose?

Similar scenarios were outlined by Rep. Joe Barton of Texas on the house floor before the bill was passed, but it obviously had no effect, which leads one to wonder:  do Pelosi and company want everybody to have good health insurance, or do they really just want everybody to have government-run health insurance?  CNSNews had this to say:

Because the government-run public option would be able to undersell the government-approved private plans in the government-run insurance exchange, the government-run option would soon be the only option.

Government would control our health care from womb to tomb, a time span likely to be shortened by government care.

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3 Responses
  1. HeatherRadish says:

    I’m convinced that was an intended effect. People won’t willingly submit to government-controlled healthcare, but they can be lied, tricked, jailed, and otherwise forced into submission.

  2. Jay says:

    What’s the choice for those of us who decide neither? Lifetime in prison? Talk about choices…

    I heard this example once referring to evolution, but I thought it went along with this topic as well. Try asking any guy, “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” So, does he say yes, and admit he at one time did it, or say no, and admit that he is still doing it? That’s how the government does it. If I do choice one, then I’m in submission to the plan, and if I do choice 2, I’m still in submission to the plan with different consequences. It’s just crazy how politicians give us a “choice” which really means to follow their goofball plan either way! Basically I agree with Heather…

    (Does my rant make sense?)

  3. akagaga says:

    @HeatherRadish In other words, politics as usual.

    @Jay Your rant makes perfect sense to me. Washington, however, probably wouldn’t get it.