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Remember Steven Bierfeldt, the Campaign for Liberty guy who was detained and grilled by the TSA in St. Louis because he was carrying $4700 cash?  Here’s the story, in case you’ve forgotten.

Bierfeldt subsequently filed a law suit against TSA that, amazingly enough, has had a positive result.  St. Louis Today is reporting that “the incident has yielded revised rules requiring TSA agents to stick to matters related to flight security rather than policing airports for other crimes.”

What?  The airport guys don’t have official permission to torment and harrass us about anything they choose?  They actually have been told to recognize that the Constitution limits their actions?  Who’d have ever thunk?

Lest you think I’ve completely lost my skepticism, it still remains to be seen whether they’ll actually follow the new policy or not.

You can read Bierfeldt’s press release on Huffpo.

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