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I missed FTFF last week (sorry, Mrs. M.!) but I’m back again, so I must be forgiven.  :)

This week’s photo illustrates that there is no such thing as kitty-proofing a house.  In that respect, children are much easier to raise.  On that basis, look through my hubby’s bookcase-desk–filing-sytem-ham-radio-station and see if you can Find the Kitty.  And be sure to go look for Olivia at New York Renovator.

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2 Responses
  1. Oh my word! HOW did she get up there?! (It is a she, right? I get them all confused). Moreover, HOW did he/she get down? Is he/she still up there?!?! LOL.

    Thanks for playing. I actually love this game.

  2. akagaga says:

    I think they all should have been named SpiderMonkey. lol

    To the left of the printer is my desk, which is a little lower. They start there and just keep jumping until they reach the highest point in the room.

    I know we are supposed to keep looking up, but I didn’t know it applies to cats! :)

    And no, she’s not still up there. They jump down, generally creating an avalanche on the way.

    And notice our new decorating technique? We now keep the waste basket ON TOP of the printer … but they jump in there, too, and roll off onto the floor, scattering whatever.