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It’s that day of the week again. Can you Find the Kitty?

A clue, a clue: today I should call it “Find the Kitties.”¬† Aren’t they fun?¬† Be sure to go to New York Renovator to find Olivia.

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3 Responses
  1. Look at those teeny tiny puddy paws!!! I love it when cats do that. Except when their claws are extended. I hate that.


  2. Brickster says:

    I’m glad you mentioned it was more than one cat! I was starting to wonder if your cat was named Stretch!

  3. akagaga says:

    @Mrs M Actually, the “paws” to the left is actually Princessa’s nose. And all of them, thank God, are good about keeping their claws retracted unless they’re trying to climb something … like us … and then it’s not so much fun.

    @Brickster Stretch!!! LOL!!!!! You made my day!