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I forgot to use the flash for this one, which may or may not add a degree of difficulty, but can you Find the Kitty?

Isn’t he cute?  In case you’ve forgotten, this is Pumpkin Spice, aka the ringleader.  And here’s a bonus photo.  They’re not hard to find, but they’ve slept like this since they were very little.  Do you think they’ll ever outgrow the “kitty pile?”

And because everybody seems to like the action shots, here’s another short video.  Note there’s no audio on this one, so do not adjust the volume.

And be sure to go look for Olivia.

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2 Responses
  1. Oh, there is his little head under the shelf on the desk! Your kitty pile is adorable! Wow, did the ferret cousin hiss at them?

  2. akagaga says:

    I love the kitty pile. Sometimes it even lands on my lap, but they’re getting so big now that somebody usually winds up sliding off the sides. And the ferret was quite friendly. He’s just as curious as the kitties.