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Al Roney, the local voice who organized the Albany Tea Party last year, and was planning another one for April 17th this year,  has been fired by WGY.  They’re replacing him with Glenn Beck, who was dropped locally when WROW moved away from talk radio.  They told the Times Union they picked up Beck for “ratings reasons.”

Al served us well, covering local issues that no one else would even mention, and he will be sorely missed in the capital region.

To WGY:  I no longer have a reason to tune in to 810.  Hope that helps your ratings.

Monday’s rally is scheduled for Monday from 9 a.m. to noon — the hours during which Roney’s show aired. WGY is located at 1203 Troy-Schenectady Road in Latham.

3/1 update on the rally, including a quote from Al Roney, here.

4/5 Al comments on his current plans here.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Radio stations have been swallowed up by the big media moguls. Local stuff is almost gone. I’m surprised you still had a non-sports local show out your way! It’s a reproach. I tried to get back into radio a few years ago, but back then everyone was “merging” with everyone else and going to pre-planned satellite shows. It’s like TV and public schools– local/small-town control (and culture) is mostly gone.



  3. Joanne says:

    When I heard it announced that Glenn Beck would be on from 9am-noon I got sick. Does this mean that Al Roney will not be on? I think it’s funny that WGY fired Glenn Beck once from their lineup and hired Al Roney. Now that Glenn’s a big star you dump Al for him. I thought WGY was honorable. Until now, that is.

  4. akagaga says:

    @Rebecca I know the locals are disappearing, but this one just seems more personal. I literally grew up on this station, because my mother always had it on in the kitchen. It’s also one of the few 50,000w stations, so you can pick it up most anywhere around here. I guess I’m just whining about the “good old days.”

    @Larry With any luck, Al will wind up on another local station and we’ll still be able to tune him in. And you’re right – we are living all wrong. Thank God our sins are paid in full by Jesus.

    @Joanne This one does seem dishonorable, doesn’t it? My heart really goes out to Al and his family. I’m praying that God has something even better lined up for him.

  5. barb says:

    I really liked Als’ show. He kept me informed of everything going on locally that you didn’t hear anywhere else, especially when the politicians would try to sneak something in on a Friday or just before a holiday so it would virtually go unnoticed until it was already voted in. I think you made a HUGE mistake when you fired him. I only hope another local station picks him up. I’ll be the first to switch stations!

  6. Ann says:


  7. Sheila Dunn says:

    I can’t believe that WGY did this. Al Rony has done a wonderful job for that station and for us, his listeners.

    So, what do we have now ? Other then Don Weeks in the early morning slot, there is absolutely no one of local interest on radio. Al was the last of the bunch, and he was good!

    WGY and Chuck Custer, this is a big mistake. As someone else posted, you have lost a listener here too. If I want to hear Beck or Limbaugh or Hannity, I can catch them on the tube.

    Guess I’ll just have to listen to soothing music on another channel.

    Bye, GY…………from a LONG TIME and former listener!

  8. Robert says:

    WGY???? Ratings or local politicians give you pressure??? Went away for 5 days and I wake up this… BIG mistake… we will see about your ratings and your advertisers…. GOOD LUCK Al… and we will follow you, did a great job for us.


  9. Lenore says:

    Wow— I live outside of Utica and have Glenn Beck on the Utica station, Syracuse station and now the Albany station. So long WGY–Al Roney was the best.

  10. j alheim says:

    Al Roney gone? GOODBYE WGY!

  11. Joe says:

    So much local talent gone in just a year or so.

    Mark Williams
    Scott Alan Miller
    Al Roney
    Steve VanZandt
    Jackie Donovan

    I remember in ~2007/2008 Al Roney was instrumental in organizing against the Driver Licenses for Illegal Immigrants that Elliot Spitzer put in overnight. The local noose and the national shows had no concept whatsoever on the story. He had every detail up to the minute and sharp analysis. I truly believe if Al Roney was not on the air locally at that time, we WOULD have Illegal Immigrants with Driver Licenses in NYS.

    Between this and AM590 flipping a couple weeks ago, we really have no local radio anymore.

    Oh, and Don Weeks is a puker.

  12. Dan says:

    OMG!!! Enough of Glenn Beck already! He’s on TV, AM radio everywhere and XM radio. Now WGY too? I have Beck overload. I can hear him almost anywhere; anytime. I don’t need WGY for that. Al Roney was unique and did indeed discuss the local issues that affect us in New York.

    And you’re right Joe, I can’t take all the forced laughing from Don Weeks in the morning. There’s gotta be an alternative station out there.

  13. America says:

    I listened to both Al and Beck. As of late Beck is far more entertaining. Al whines too much.

  14. akagaga says:

    @America But then, is the point to be entertaining?