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From a National Review phone interview with Bart Stupak:

What are Democratic leaders saying? “If you pass the Stupak amendment, more children will be born, and therefore it will cost us millions more. That’s one of the arguments I’ve been hearing,” Stupak says. “Money is their hang-up. Is this how we now value life in America? If money is the issue — come on, we can find room in the budget. This is life we’re talking about.”


Congressman Stupak called NRO to clarify his comments. In recent conversations, he says that some Democratic members, not Democratic leaders, have been citing a Congressional Budget Office report that says his amendment will cost $500 million to implement over ten years. “I did not mean to infer that the leaders are using financial arguments to deny my amendment,” he says.

So much for taking a stand.  About all the credit I’ll give Bart Stupak is that he’s generated some discussion about abortion funding, even if he’s just doing it to make himself feel better – or to garner some name-recognition.  In the final analysis, he knows and we know that Obamacare will pay for abortion.

So what’s new?

“It’s against the law to fund abortions,” you say.

But that doesn’t stop your tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood [PP], the country’s largest abortion business.  Even though PP will proclaim that tax dollars are not used for abortions (yeah, right),  local, state, and federal grants and contracts have increased steadily for the past ten years or more.  According to Planned Parenthood’s last annual report, in 2007 they received $350 million from the government.  If you extend that out ten years, it comes to $3 billion more than the Stupak amendment purportedly will cost.

If you compare the tax dollars to the number of abortions PP has done, as LifeNews.Com has done in this handy-dandy chart [click chart to enlarge], you’ll find that just as this non-profit’s government funding has increased, so has the number of babies they murder each year.  In 2007?  They killed 305,310 babies with your money.

So as much as I abhor abortion, excuse me for not getting overly excited about the Stupak amendment.  Whether it’s openly in Obamacare or hidden in grants and contracts, our tax dollars kill babies – piles and piles of babies.

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  1. AK says:

    I really enjoy your writing.
    I feel awkward going to Planned Parenthood, but I have no insurance, and they provide other services.
    I don’t like going but I told myself it’s my health first.
    I don’t agree with abortion.
    I think the people outside of Planned Parenthoods are doing something – providing images.
    I hope more people will be responsible and consider the consequences – if you cannot afford to have and raise a child morally, financially and emotionally, then don’t risk it.

    Thank you for sharing your views.