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I posted last week about the hypocrisy involved in the debate over the Stupak amendment to prohibit federal funding of abortions in Obamacare, because we already give the money to Planned Parenthood to kill babies.  Obamacare won’t change that.  I also pointed out that Bart Stupak was fairly spineless.  Well, now I think he’s just plain stupid.  Read this from LifeNews.Com:

Congressman Bart Stupak, who has been leading a coalition of pro-life Democrats against the pro-abortion Senate health care bill over its abortion funding, announced today he has reached an agreement with the White House for President Barack Obama to issue an executive order nullifying it. The executive order would reportedly make it so the Stupak amendment, which stopped abortion funding and promotion in the House version, would apply to the final law.

“I’m pleased to announce that we have an agreement — with the help of the president and the Speaker — we were able to come up with an agreement to protect the sanctity of life in health care reform,” Stupak said.

“Today the president announced he will be signing,” the executive order to “keep the principle” against funding of abortion.

Setting aside the ridiculous shenanigans that are being used to change a major portion of our economy without actually voting on it, let’s look at this.  The President, who thinks killing babies is the right of every woman, and signed an executive order to fund overseas abortions right after he took office, has said he’ll sign another executive order to prevent that in the United States, if only Stupak and company will give him the rest of Obamacare.

Isn’t this a lot like the guy who says he’ll marry you, if only you’ll sleep with him now?

But maybe I’m selling Obama short.  Maybe he really will sign an executive order.  Maybe it really will prevent direct federal funding of abortions. And maybe no other executive order will ever change that.

yeah, right …

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