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The Times Union has a report on the rally for fired, but popular, local radio host Al Roney.

The Gazette in Schenectady also has a blog post, and reporter Jeff Wilkin spoke with Al:

Roney said he was both humbled and amazed by the public support. He said he has e-mailed and telephoned listeners in the past; he appreciates the strong connections apparently made with people who stood up for him on a cold winter morning.

“That’s one thing that is really making this a lot easier to get through,” Roney said late Monday afternoon.
“Who gets that?” he said of the rally. “People will go home and tell their wives, tell their kids and then get into line at the unemployment office.
“It’s kind of humbling to see that anybody would really take time out from their days to go out and do that.”

And, Al, if you read this:  Over 300 people have searched your name in google and landed on my previous post about you.  Most were local, but others searched from as far away as California and British Columbia.

You are missed.

Note:  See April 5th update.

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  1. JaxNole88 says:

    I loved listening to Al and I think it’s ridiculous that the entire WGY line up above the light am fill is canned national programs. Let me guess – if you take local issues off the radio the “sheeple” of the North Country will just shuffle along taking the waste, fraud and corruption that’s ruined NYS in stride.
    I hope another local station picks up this talented guy but if he has to leave NY – I don’t blame him!