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Student who was arrested for doodling on school desk sues city for excessive force

Alexa was perp-walked out of the school in front of her classmates with her hands locked in metal handcuffs behind her back.

Alexa’s mother pleaded with the officers to accompany her daughter to the police precinct, but Camacho was told to go home and wait for a call.

Officers placed Alexa in “an enclosed room” at the precinct and handcuffed her to a pole for more than two hours, the papers note.

Another good reason to homeschool.

Constitution protects all speech, not just nice speech

Veterans groups and others on the political right are outraged at an appellate court decision that ordered the father of a dead Marine to pay the court costs for a group of wackos who protested at the Marine’s funeral.

Get over it. It is the father who dishonored the memory of his dead son by trying to suppress the free speech of others.

It’s a bit like teaching your kids not to hit by beating the crap out of them.

Are They Trying to Scare Us?

Meanwhile, back in the heartland, Dear Leader’s federal swat teams made a three-state sweep of supposed “Christian militia,” complete with helicopters and scary stories about these “Christians” plotting to kill police officers. This from a president who hangs out with Bill Ayers, who really did try to blow up the Pentagon! In the end, they arrested half a dozen of these alleged plotters.

Is this supposed to make us feel afraid? Ooh, look, that’s the kind of people who oppose Dear Leader’s health-care plan—gun-toting homophobic Christian Nazis, racists who don’t believe in evolution, blah-blah-blah. But even scarier is the message that you’d better watch what you say, or those same federal helicopters will be coming after you.

More Chicago-style conditioning of the unwashed public.

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