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Amy Tirador:  Another Military Cover-up? Remember Lavena Johnson, who was murdered in Iraq and the military continues to classify her death as suicide?  It would appear that she has a sister.  As you read these military conclusions, contort your body and see if you could have done this to yourself:

Medical examiners had concluded that the decorated soldier committed suicide in a generator room of Camp Caldwell in eastern Iraq. They said she shot herself once above and behind the right ear, and reported finding “black powder material on the fingers and thumbs of both hands.” Army personnel found Tirador at 1:15 p.m. Nov. 5 slouched against a machine with her 9 mm gun attached to her uniform by a lanyard and a single shell casing nearby, the document states.

Wired Interview: One of the soldiers who was at the scene of the Wikileaks Apache helicopter attack gives his perspective.  Here’s a piece.

Ethan McCord: Right. We were engaged in our own conflict roughly about three or four blocks away. We heard the gunships open up. [Then] we were just told … to move to this [other] location. It was pretty much a shock when we got there to see what had happened, the carnage and everything else. But you had been in combat before. It shouldn’t have surprised you what you saw.

McCord: I have never seen anybody being shot by a 30-millimeter round before. It didn’t seem real, in the sense that it didn’t look like human beings. They were destroyed.

What If? Stepping back from these intimate details of war, Gary D. Barnett has posited an interesting question at  Here’s a teaser:

What if a small group of extremist Americans high-jacked passenger planes in another country and flew them into skyscrapers in a major foreign city killing thousands of innocent people? Would it then be proper and moral for that country, and with the full use of its military, to attack and occupy the entire United States? Would it then be right for that invading army to take over and demand that all U.S. citizens bow to their command? Would it be right for that country’s forces to kill and maim all who refused to comply with their demands? And would it be right for that foreign invading entity to destroy the entire infrastructure of America?

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