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I reported on April 1st that Al Roney has a new job with PC Public Affairs, but  “job” was a bit of a misnomer.  Al stopped by to clarify and gave us an update on his plans.  Here’s his comment:

Nice catch! While I do plan on working with PC Public Affairs on a number of projects, stating I have a “job” now is a bit mis-leading.

My situation with PC Public Affairs is ideal in that it allows me to keep my Freedom and Independence while allowing me to stay involved in a number of other ventures.

I am still very much exploring options that will (hopefully) bring me back on the air, on-line, and in print.

My relationship with PC Public Affairs is an exciting, and integral, piece of that puzzle.

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  1. John Stewart says:

    When Al says I’m working with Public affairs, is that with WGY?

    So who’s our local affairs talk show? Local issues, we have enough talk shows on national issues.