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What is it with SWAT teams?  Are they all dyslexic?  Illiterate?  Brain-dead?

Once again, a SWAT team in Georgia has raided the wrong house – this after a supposed two-year investigation.  Maybe I’m missing something here, but it would seem that after two years they would know where they’re supposed to be going.

Once again, an elderly woman (this time 76-year-old  Helen Pruett)  has suffered the consequences (this time a heart attack.)

Once again, there will be an “internal investigation” and absolutely nothing will happen to these cowboys. (To their credit, this time they did actually apologize.)

In my rural area we have annual hunting accidents, where a horse or a dog or a mule is shot because some yahoo thought it was a deer.  I’ve long proposed that prospective hunters be required to pick a deer out of a photo line-up to get their license.

Perhaps SWAT teams should have to prove they can read a map and follow directions before they’re given weapons.

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