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WASHINGTON — President Obama has decided to use his executive power to order tougher fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks, accelerating the fight against climate change without waiting for Congress, administration officials said Thursday.

Mr. Obama plans to announce on Friday that he is ordering the creation of a new national policy that will result in less pollution from medium- and heavy-duty trucks for the first time and will further reduce exhaust from cars and light-duty trucks beyond the requirements he has already put in place.  [Read the rest of the palace decree here.]

So with one stroke of his mighty pen, the King will bypass Congress and save the whole planet from global warming.  Do you think he might keep the sky from falling, too?

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  1. klem says:

    I am a right winger, I do not believe in the climate change scam or the cap&Trade carbon market rip off or demonizing CO2 like the EPA is doing but I see no reason not to support better fuel efficiency standards. What argument could there be?

    yes Obama’s decreeing like he is a king; but he is a Democrat which means they like more control and central power like a Soviet system, but still, better fuel efficiency, where is the problem here?

    If he decreed that we must buy these terrible electric cars then most people would take issue with it, but better fuel efficiency?

    Too many of these decrees from on-high could spell the end of the Dems at election time, and so what’s wrong with that?

  2. akagaga says:

    Well, klem, I’m not a right winger, I’m more of a libertarian, but we can talk anyhow. :)

    What argument could there be? Where to start!

    First and foremost, it’s none of the government’s business what kind of gas mileage I get. Every time we accept decrees from Washington, particularly ones that bypass constitutional procedures (like the balance of power), we lose more of the freedom we have and come closer to a Soviet system, as you pointed out.

    Second, re-designs and re-tooling to change car designs cost big bucks. This will, of course, be passed on to us the next time we buy a car. I bought my first car in 1972 – brand new, custom-ordered – for $2800. Are cars really that much better now, or have government regulations just jacked the prices sky-high?

    Third, if the public was clamoring for better gas mileage – as opposed to blue tooth, GPS, and better stereos – the industry would provide it, because that’s how the free market works. So King Obama is deciding what we want, because he thinks we’re too stupid to decide for ourselves.

    Fourth, I would not be at all surprised to discover down the road that Government Motors – at the behest of CEO Obama – already has these new designs in the works, thereby giving them an unfair advantage. That reeks of conflict of interest.

    I’ll stop there before I climb onto my soap box.

  3. klem says:

    “Third, if the public was clamoring for better gas mileage – as opposed to blue tooth, GPS, and better stereos – the industry would provide it”

    you are right about that. The reason why we do not get better gas mileage now is precisely because the public has not demanded it. They want gadgets instead. when they demand it, we’ll get it.