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  • Making all you gun-lovers happy, the Supreme Court today ruled that Chicago’s handgun ban violates the Second Amendment.  Here are some details.
  • In case you’ve been oblivious to happenings on the West Coast, the trial of Former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle is well underway in Los Angeles.  You’ll remember him as the cop who shot a man in the back while he was face down on the ground on New Year’s Day 2009.  In a surprise move that broke his year and a half long silence, Mehserle testified on Friday, saying that he thought he was tasing Oscar Grant, not putting a bullet in his back.  This cell phone video seems to support his claim. In case Mehserle is acquitted of murder charges, Oakland area cops are preparing for rioting á la Rodney King.
  • Moving east to Oklahoma, a woman has filed a lawsuit because a cop shot and killed her dog when he stopped to ask for directions (which begs the question, why don’t the cops know where they’re going?)  Not surprisingly, his story about the shooting changed when he found out it was captured on a security video.  You can watch a news report about this here.

Reporting live from upstate New York, this is akaGaGa.

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