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Rebecca and I had lamented a few months back that we rarely read books anymore.   Well, the times they are a’changin’, at least around here.  Poor Rebecca has gutted the whole downstairs of her house in a major renovation, so I suspect she’s not doing much reading this summer.

Several books have caught my attention over the last few weeks, and I finally splurged and bought a few.  Then I came home from my mother-in-law’s this week with a hefty couple boxes of books.  I feel rich!

I’ve posted a list in the sidebar of those I hope to get to soon – but please don’t ask when soon will be. Some of them, like The Red Badge of Courage, I’m revisiting after a lengthy absence.  Some are classics I’ve missed along the way.  And some are new-to-me reads.  It’s almost embarrassing to have so many choices, but I know I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this summer sojourn.  Stay tuned, as I’m apt to write a few short reviews as I go along.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I absolutely LOVE Democracy in America. The historical narrative snippets are amazing. Large portions of the book are too weighty and technical (I think du Tocqueville’s purpose was to write about the American penal system??). I still haven’t finished it. :S