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When Explorer Matthew Whalen was suspended from school for keeping a pocket knife locked in his car as part of emergency preparations, we learned that public school administrators are nothing more than trained monkeys. I apologize for repeating that statement, because I now realize that we dissed the monkeys.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Christan Morales said her son just wanted to honor American troops when he wore a hat to school decorated with an American flag and small plastic Army figures.

But the school banned the hat because it ran afoul of the district’s zero-tolerance weapons policy. Why? The toy soldiers were carrying tiny guns.

“His teacher called and said it wasn’t appropriate,” Morales said.

Morales’ 8-year-old son, David, had been assigned to make a hat for the day when his second-grade class would meet their pen pals from another school. She and her son came up with an idea to add patriotic decorations to a camouflage hat.

Earlier this week, after the hat was banned, the principal at the Tiogue School in Coventry told the family that the hat would be fine if David replaced the Army men holding weapons with ones that didn’t have any, according to Superintendent Kenneth R. Di Pietro.

We wouldn’t want the kids to think our heroic soldiers used guns, now would we?

I thought of writing that the teacher, the principal, and the Superintendent in Providence are all birdbrains, but I didn’t want to dis another species.  Instead I will just state redundantly – so they have four chances to get it – that they are stupid, dim-witted, and dense nincompoops.

And for my more intelligent readers, this repetitive piece of advice:

Get your kids out of the public school system!

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4 Responses
  1. Jay says:

    My goodness! So glad I didn’t attend a public school!

    I really appreciate your stance on this subject. Public schools are only in this country for the purpose of indoctrinating kids to believe that they are no more than monkeys created… OOPS! …evolving into a higher species. It’s no wonder that their teachers are “trained monkeys”! And loved your quote: “…stupid, dim-witted, and dense nincompoops”! :)

    BTW, did you know that John Dewey himself, the espouser of progressive education, said this? “Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.”

    Sheesh! And to think where his original idea has lead America! Well, I guess he couldn’t have done it without Darwin!

  2. That’s so sad! :( I remember once hearing about a little girl who wanted to give out Halloween Day cards to her class. If I remember correctly, she wrote “Jesus loves you” on the cards, and included candy with each one. After she was finished passing out all the cards, the teacher made each child give back the cards to her because they were propogating religion! Of course, they let the kids keep the candy! :p I actually laughed at your calling the teachers “trained monkeys,” and “nincompoops” because it’s SO true! It’s just sickening what kinds of things the public schools do these days! I mean, guns are synonymous with the army, for Pete’s sake! What’s so harmful about that?! It’s not like the the plastic army guy is going to fly off the hat and injure anybody! The poor boy; all he wanted to do was show some patriotism…

  3. akagaga says:

    @Jay I hadn’t seen the Dewey quote, but it sure applies. No wonder Obama wants to “educate” us from cradle to grave!

    @Miss S. It is sad, and I wonder how many similar things happen to squash the tender spirit of little ones.

  4. Brickster says:

    ARGH that makes me mad!!!

    So, they can’t have hats with toy soldiers with guns on them… but they SURE CAN by all means have OUTRAGEOUS album covers?!?! Hm!