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Whenever I’ve tried to take pictures of the moon, they’ve always come out like this:

See?  A white blob with fuzzy white stuff around it.  It drove me nuts, so a while back I asked blogger buddy Jim Wetzel, who happens to be an optical engineer, how to get better moon shots.  He responded, as only an engineer can, way beyond my understanding, but with all the pertinent information.  (I’m married to an engineer and around here we now call that “talking engineerical.”)

Anyhow, I played around this week, a day after the full moon which was all cloud cover, and got this:

So then I changed a couple settings, and … drumroll, please … voilà!

Does that look like a picture of the moon, or what?  The only problem is?  I don’t remember what settings took what picture! :)

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7 Responses
  1. Wow! That is awesome! I’ve tried to capture pictures of the moon (though I’ve never tried close-ups); my camera has a special feature for taking night pictures, but I think it malfunctions… never works, always blurry. Congrats on an excellent picture! :D

  2. threecollie says:

    I am impressed! I always have the same problems and have never taken anything anywhere near as good as that last one. Great job!

  3. Jim Wetzel says:


    The difference between the last one and the first is that the last one is focused at infinity. On the second one, the exposure appears inadequate (that will be either a short exposure time or too small an aperture stop opening (that is, too large an F-number). It could be out of focus as well, but the exposure’s too little to tell, really.

    Now all you need is that silhouetted branch across the moon; then you’ll have the shot you’ve been after. But the one you got really is a great shot. Congratulations!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Holy Guacamole!!!! You did it! How on “earth” did you do that?!?! :D

    I read Jim’s comment over and over… wha? I have not learned the art of talking engineerical. :( Jean, please translate.

  5. Jay says:

    Oh my word! That’s wonderful! You should get that one blown up and framed on the wall in your bedroom!! That’s a shot to be proud of for sure.

    Rebeeca, I don’t think Jean has any idea what Jim is saying either. :)
    Jim, none of us are very learned in engineerical language. Can you please speak in the English language?? :D

  6. akagaga says:

    Thanks, all, for praising the efforts of a novice. Most of the credit, however, should go to Jim.

    BTW, Rebecca? Jay is right. I only understand engineerical when my hubby is standing next to me to translate.:)

  7. akagaga says:

    And here’s an odd one for you: Over 10 different people have googled “playing with the moon.” Is that a movie title or something that I don’t know about? Maybe some new age cult game?