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When asked about the impact of threatening to burn qurans in his recent press conference, Obama said this:

There’s no doubt that when someone goes out of their way to be provocative in ways that we know can inflame the passions of over a billion Muslims around the world at a time when we’ve got our troops in a lot of Muslim countries, that’s a problem.

Instead of sending the FBI to intimidate the misguided Florida pastor, removing our troops from “a lot of Muslim countries” would seem to offer them better protection.¬† It might even “deflame” their hatred for the U.S. because it would be harder for us to kill their civilians from a distance.

This move would probably help the democrats in November, too, although I know you would never make a decision based on politics.

I’m just sayin’ and I know you have other very important things on your mind, but that’s my two cents, Mr. President.

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  1. This is sickening! I agree with you, Jean; I second the motion:

    Mr. President, why don’t you just remove the troops from Muslim countries — LIKE YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD when you were running for office? This would certainly protect our troops.

    And just for the record, I don’t trust politcians’ promises; the only ones they’ve kept are those that deal with government spending, health care, etc. Augh! And as for the burning of the Quran, I hear Obama actually supported the Islamic Center (Mosque) that they want to build in NYC. It seems to me that his only interest is in appeasing the Muslims. What about us American citizens, particularly the Christians among us? Frankly, I don’t think he cares; he’s only interested in his own personal agenda, I’m sad to say.

    Sorry if I offend you, Mr. President, but you need to start listening to “we the people” — not “we the polilticians/government officials.”

    And there’s my two cents for y’all! It don’t matter what day it is today – these facts don’t change! ;)