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As with many of us, I’ve been keeping an eye on Earl, and they just issued a change. The tropical storm warning for southern Massachusetts has been changed to a hurricane warning.  Whether that’s because the track is changing further west or the storm has continued to intensify, I don’t know, but I surely would appreciate the prayers of my blogging buddies.  My granddaughter and her family live in New Bedford, Mass.

Here’s the latest satellite image.  Looking at this sure makes me feel small.

Update: I just saw this tweet, and decided to add the widget:

CDCemergency RT @CDC_eHealth: Hurricane widget provides important, timely tips when #Earl makes landfall. Add it to your page/blog:

We’ll see how it works.

Saturday update: The CDC widget is history, along with Hurricane Earl. Massachusetts was barely touched, so all is well. Thanks for the prayers.

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  1. Lisa says:

    It is scary and frustrating when you live so far away. My elderly parents live in the SE part of Virginia, about 30 miles from the ocean, but still in the path of hurricanes (Isabel 2003). They will not come stay with me. I live in the mountains of SW Va. All you can do is pray.

  2. akagaga says:

    Oh, that must be frustrating, Lisa. I’ll add them to my list, which surprisingly enough, is getting quite long with relatives of friends down your way.

    At least this family is young, and my husband just informed me that they’re at least 40 feet above sea level, with other house to protect them from high winds. So they shouldn’t have to deal with much more than lost power, God willing.

  3. Jim Wetzel says:

    … surely would appreciate the prayers …

    Done ‘n’ done.

    By the way, I wish it was showing you a more cheerful picture … but that’s “my” weather satellite. We built the Imagers and Sounders on all the GOES series. Let’s hope for more images, showing that storm dissipating and moving on out to sea.

  4. akagaga says:

    but that’s “my” weather satellite. No wonder it’s such a good picture! :) Thanks for sharing. I wondered just what it is you guys do.

    And thanks for the prayers. Earl’s down to a Category 1, and has changed course just enough to get New Bedford’s warning downgraded to tropical storm. Good news indeed.