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By GENE JOHNSON (AP) [emphasis added]

Those who have seen the photos say they are grisly: soldiers beside newly killed bodies, decaying corpses and severed fingers.

The dozens of photos, described in interviews and in e-mails and military documents obtained by The Associated Press, were seized by Army investigators and are a crucial part of the case against five soldiers accused of killing three Afghan civilians earlier this year.

Troops allegedly shared the photos by e-mail and thumb drive like electronic trading cards. Now 60 to 70 of them are being kept tightly shielded from the public and even defense attorneys because of fears they could wind up in the news media and provoke anti-American violence.

You can read the rest of the story here, but I’m frozen as I try to visualize the game that’s being played in Afghanistan, with Afghan bodies.

“Hey, Joe, I’ll give you a copy of me holding the head if you give me two fingers.”

“Two fingers! Forget it.  Not unless you throw in the one of Sam holding the head, too.”

Is this what has become of America?  Are these the “brave men and women” we’re supposed to support?

I do support them, though.  I support that they should be immediately brought home and put through intensive therapy to teach them the difference between video games and real life; therapy to gauge their understanding of civilian life and their role in it; therapy to see if they still have souls.

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  1. John A. says:

    This stuff happens in every war. For some reason, Americans seem to think they’re different.

    Give young men guns, a mandate to use them…give them power. It happens everytime.

    How is they’re defending us? I never quite get that. The last time we were invaded was oh…War of 1812.

    As always, good post.