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November 19th, 2008 | Author:

I was on the phone with my son this afternoon, when I heard a sound I’ve come to dread – crashing metal. A small car and a van had collided at our intersection. Having been through this several times before, I grabbed the portable phone and raced outside. Another man had already called 911 on his cell phone, but didn’t know where he was, so I gave him the location to relay to the dispatcher.

As I directed traffic until the emergency crews arrived, I learned that the woman driving the car was unconscious and her 16-year-old daughter was also injured. The driver of the van, who was uninjured, said he had been blinded by the low afternoon sun. When people far more capable than I arrived, I retreated and eventually thought to get my camera out.

Please pray for the woman who was air-lifted from a nearby field, and for her daughter. Pray for the driver of the van, who was distraught. Thank God for the local first-responders who give their all to help us when we most desperately need them. And pray that I don’t have to hear that sound again.

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