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July 30th, 2010 | Author:

To save myself some time, if I don’t really have something to add to the discussion, I’ve decided to stop posting when all I’m basically doing is linking to an article I think is important.  Instead, I’m just going to “tweet” it.

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July 17th, 2010 | Author:

I don’t often receive (or give) blogger awards, but when you get the same award from two different bloggers in the same week (in this case, Jay’s Musik Blog and The Brick Buster – thanks, guys!) you are compelled to participate!

I could simply make a list of those who regularly participate in the Word for Wednesday meme because they think about and share the Son’s light and there’s nothing more “Sonshiney” than that.  But as they’re already listed in the sidebar, I’ve decided to list other blogs that I regularly visit.  Here are some of my haunts:

Disloyal Opposition - JD Tuccille writes mostly about libertarian issues, always with a thought-provoking angle.  He lives in Arizona, and has added his first-hand viewpoint to the immigration debates.

Herescope – A few years ago, I met some of the authors of this blog, which monitors the heresies invading the church in our age.  These are lovely people, watchmen on the wall, who research and document some incredibly difficult-to-stomach material, day after day, year after year.  Their motivation to persevere is always the hope that fellow Christians will be delivered from the deception of this age.

Sola Sisters This is a blog by two Christian sisters who stand, as the name indicates, on the rallying cry of the Reformation: Sola Fide (by faith alone), Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone), Sola Gratia (by grace alone), Solus Christus (through Christ alone), Soli Deo Gloria (to God alone be the glory). While I don’t often agree with their Calvinistic viewpoint, it usually challenges me to re-examine my own position on various issues.  This post about God’s judgment, with a video by John MacArthur,  is a real thought-provoker.

Brainbiter Dave writes about many sacred cows, often with a Christian viewpoint, always with an acerbic tongue.  Worth a visit.

Northview Diary This is my neighbor across the river, a farm wife who writes consistently about dairy farming in general, and her life in particular.  She always responds to comments, and often posts great photos.  Check her out.

Chicken Tracks, Etc. Sara is another farming woman who keeps us abreast of the struggles dairy farmers are dealing with today.  She does great photos, too, but you should especially check out the one of her goat, Phoenix – which I named!  Woohoo!

The Chestnut Tree Cafe While Jim is a regular in the WFW meme, his other posts are usually political commentary.  He’s not often kind to the beltway shills, but he’s always honest, and usually zooms right in to the heart of the issue.  He often leaves me thinking, “I wish I’d written that.”

The Older Geek Rebecca is another who participates in the WFW meme, but at this particular blog she shares her hard-earned knowledge of all things blogging.  She often writes posts about things I’ve thought, “Gee, I wonder how/if I could do that.”  And if she hasn’t already written it, let her know, and she will – a very helpful lady.

Pro Libertate “Observations and commentary from a Christian libertarian perspective, written by a freedom-obsessed father of six children and husband to one exquisitely lovely wife.”  William Grigg takes the issues of the day and digs in deep.  He often expresses the things that I just think about.

Pro Life Blogs This is where I keep track of the political climate on abortion efforts.  I don’t miss much. This is a relatively new blog by Norman Horn, who rationally addresses the issues of the day.  Check out this post about gay marriage – it’s not what you would expect from an American Christian.

And that’s only part of my list.  No wonder I spend so much time on the computer!

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June 19th, 2010 | Author:

Most of us realize that cell phones and their GPS capabilities limit our privacy.  We know that the internet can be lethal to that privacy.  And, of course, we had Google driving around stealing private information.  But until recently, I never thought to worry about my printer or my copier.  Read on and learn how Big Brother (or other bad geeks) can learn all they want to know about you.

The other day Rebecca posted this story from CBS.  It seems that many copiers have hard drives that store all the images they copy.  If that copier is recycled or the lease runs out, (or the cops confiscate it?) all that personal information is up for grabs.  Watch and learn:

Then tonight I read this at  the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF):

Imagine that every time you printed a document, it automatically included a secret code that could be used to identify the printer – and potentially, the person who used it. Sounds like something from an episode of “Alias,” right?

Unfortunately, the scenario isn’t fictional. In a purported effort to identify counterfeiters, the US government has succeeded in persuading some color laser printer manufacturers to encode each page with identifying information. That means that without your knowledge or consent, an act you assume is private could become public. A communication tool you’re using in everyday life could become a tool for government surveillance. And what’s worse, there are no laws to prevent abuse.

The ACLU recently issued a report revealing that the FBI has amassed more than 1,100 pages of documents on the organization since 2001, as well as documents concerning other non-violent groups, including Greenpeace and United for Peace and Justice. In the current political climate, it’s not hard to imagine the government using the ability to determine who may have printed what document for purposes other than identifying counterfeiters.

EFF is compiling a list of printers that appear to have some type of coding.  It includes most of the popular brands.

My husband watched a TV show tonight about the effects a large solar flare could have on our earthly electronics.  The technical effect is “Poof!  All gone!”

Given the increased privacy issues that keep popping up, maybe we’d be better off with a solar flare.

January 10th, 2010 | Author:

This old fogy is finally going to take the plunge and get an MP3 player.  I spend about 6 hours a week in the car going back and forth to therapy, so I decided to get an audio Bible.  I found one I like for MP3, that I think will be a lot easier in the car than using CD’s – plus it’s a lot cheaper.

So now I need something to play it on, and I’m looking for recommendations from all you savvy folks – or better yet, you unsavvy folks who’ve managed to use an MP3 anyhow.  Here are my requirements:

  • it needs to be easy to use
  • I’ll need 1.9 GB to load the Bible, plus I’ll want to add some music
  • it needs to be easy to use
  • I don’t care about a lot of bells and whistles
  • it needs to be easy to use
  • I don’t want to spend a fortune
  • have I mentioned that it needs to be easy to use? :)

So I await the wisdom of all you who have traveled this road before me:  the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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December 18th, 2009 | Author:

This cartoon says it better than any of my words might.