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July 15th, 2008 | Author:

The denials begin in the Stephen Payne fiasco, compliments of UPI:

“This is a horribly unfortunate story,” said Homeland Security spokeswoman Laura Keehner. “We are looking into the facts.”

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters “There’s categorically no link between any official business and the Bush library,” stressing that Payne “was never an employee of the White House.”

No, he works for Homeland Security. A little Bush semantics in play here?

In a statement, Payne, who has served as a volunteer advance travel planner for White House trips abroad and accompanied Cheney to the inauguration of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, called the report a “worst-case example of ‘gotcha’ journalism. The (Sunday) Times attempted to entrap me,” he said, denying there was any quid pro quo for the donation.

Now entrapment is an interesting defense coming from Homeland Security. What goes around, comes around?

But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. Luke 12:2-3

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July 14th, 2008 | Author:

A story in the Sunday London Times, complete with the incriminating video, reveals a Washington lobbyist offering to get some foreigners a visit with Cheney or Rice – for a paltry $200,000 contribution to the Bush presidential library.

Who says money doesn’t talk?

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