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Of all the Christian authors I’ve read since I was saved, none has made me hunger and seek after God as much as A. W. Tozer. His words apply even more today than when he wrote them, and should not be forgotten. Here’s a sampling, in the prayerful hope that they will inspire you in the same way.

Sound Bible exposition is an imperative must in the Church of the Living God. Without it, no church can be a New Testament church in any strict meaning of that term. But exposition may be carried on in such a way as to leave the hearers devoid of any true spiritual nourishment whatever. For it is not mere words that nourish the soul, but God Himself, and unless and until the hearers find God in personal experience, they are not the better for having heard the truth. The Bible is not an end in itself, but a means to bring men to an intimate and satisfying knowledge of God, that they may enter into Him, that they may delight in His Presence, may taste and know the inner sweetness of the very God Himself in the core and center of their hearts.The Pursuit of God

The whole transaction of religious conversion has been made mechanical and spiritless. Faith may now be exercised without a jar to the moral life and without embarrassment to the Adamic ego. Christ may be “received” without creating any special love for Him in the soul of the receiver. The man is “saved,” but he is not hungry nor thirsty after God. In fact, he is specifically taught to be satisfied and is encouraged to be content with little. - The Pursuit of God

Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth. Acute desire must be present or there will be no manifestation of Christ to His people. He waits to be wanted. Too bad that with many of us He waits so long, so very long, in vain. The Pursuit of God

[Christians] have been taught to pray, “Our Father, which art in heaven” (Luke 11:2). Now personality and fatherhood carry with them the idea of the possibility of personal acquaintance. This is admitted, I say, in theory, but for millions of Christians, nevertheless, God is no more real than He is to the non-Christians. They go through life trying to love an ideal and be loyal to a mere principle.The Pursuit of God

Let the average man be put to the proof on the question of who or what is above, and his true position will be exposed. Let him be forced into making a choice between God and money, between God and men, between God and personal ambition, God and self, God and human love, and God will take second place every time. Those other things will be exalted above. However the man may protest, the proof is in the choices he makes day after day throughout his life.The Pursuit of God

The Bible was written in tears and to tears it will yield its best treasures. God has nothing to say to the frivolous man. - God Tells the Man Who Cares

Our Fathers had much to say about stillness, and by stillness they meant the absence of motion or the absence of noise or both. They felt that they must be still for at least a part of the day, or that day would be wasted. God can be known in the tumult of the world if His providence has for the time placed us there, but He is known best in the silence. So they held, and so the sacred Scriptures declare. Inward assurance comes out of the stillness. We must be still to know. - God Tells the Man Who Cares

The real peril today arises from within the fold of orthodox believers. It consists of an acceptance of the world’s values, a belief that the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them are valid prizes to be pursued by believing men and women. Blind leaders of blind souls are admitting that there is something to be said in favor of the world-glory after all; they insist that Christians should not cut themselves off from the pleasures of the world, except, of course, from those that are too degraded for respectable society. Everything else goes, and the very values that Christ scorned are now being used to attract people to the gospel. God Tells the Man Who Cares

The unity of mankind with itself means universal condemnation for all its members. Strange as it may seem, hope for all of us lies not in huddling up to the human race but in renouncing allegiance to the world altogether. To put our trust in a brotherhood of condemned men is but to die with them at last. - God Tells the Man Who Cares

The following was published just two days after Tozer’s death, and expressed the concern of his heart.

Jesus Christ has today almost no authority at all among the groups that call themselves by His name. - God Tells the Man Who Cares

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The moment the Church becomes completely programized and de-personalized, it becomes a monument to God’s memory and not an instrument of His living power. -Dr. John A. Mackey, past president of Princeton Theological Seminary and the Presbyterian Alliance (from “The Spirit Bade Me Go” by David DuPlessis)

For there must not be any denial of the facts: the church has been captured by the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them. In spite of the prophetic voices that are raised here and there among us, present-day believers are drawn to the world with irresistible force. -A. W. Tozer, God Tells the Man Who Cares

The churches do not lack for scholars and great minds. They do lack for men and women who can, and will be, channels of the power of God in our day. -Dr. Sam Shoemaker (from “The Spirit Bade Me Go” by David DuPlessis)

Does any of this apply to the church that you know? Before you start ranting about “this generation,” let me point out that these quotes are all from the 1950′s or thereabouts.

Roam to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem,
And look now, and take note.
And seek in her open squares, If you can find a man,
If there is one who does justice, who seeks truth,
Then I will pardon her.
Jeremiah 5:1
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