In the spring of 2007 I returned for a couple years to the little church in the little town where I grew up.   At that time, they had a delightfully-informal early service where anyone could sign up to share a message.  As the Lord led, and with much fear and trembling, I shared what was in my heart several times.  Here’s what I had to say, in chronological order.

Testimony 4/15/2007

Seek Ye First 4/29/07

Ham, Home Runs, and Healing 7/1/07

This is My Commandment 9/9/07

Wise Man, Foolish Man 10/29/07

The Church 2/17/ 2008

When God Moves 4/13/08

Pentecost and the Holy Spirit 5/11/08

Healing Hands 5/18/08

Spiritual Discernment 5/25/08

Prayer and Fasting for Judy 6/15/08

Lazarus, Come Forth 6/22/08

Principles of Intercession 6/29/08

The Greatest Gift 7/13/2008

The Power of the Holy Spirit 9/28/2008

Heal our Land 12/14/2008